3DWD - Shopfront Activation Solutions


Shopping Centres International has partnered with 3DWD, the international specialists in the design and production of three dimensional graphics to give shopping centre developers and managers customer-centric solutions for activating dormant shopfronts. Please note that the examples shown are 3D printed graphics, that give the appearance of occupied space.

3DWD has delivered vacancy management solutions for shopping centre developers and managers across 40 countries. 3DWD is known mainly for 3D and interactive hoardings/barricades; however what the team does really well is put together a mix of different solutions to activate vacancies so that properties look great on opening day and beyond.

Please view the video at: 3DWD Tailor-made interactive experiences.

For further info on how 3DWD can create unique shopfront solutions, please email us to schedule a presentation at:

Sascha Muench or Jeff Kershaw

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